Vertivine is the boutique food, beverage, and hospitality marketing agency, specializing in SEO/PPC. Representing annual revenues > $100 million, we are thrilled to offer our passion, skills, and expertise to move your initiatives forward.

Our philosophy is:

  • Understand what your competitors are doing
  • Leverage existing, trusted, scalable platforms to cover our bases
  • Roll up our sleeves and do the customized, specialized, creative extras that will put us on top

Why Vertivine?

Experienced – Serving FBH for seven years, we know the industry answers.  With clients from independents to multi-location, multi-brand restaurant groups, we take enterprise techniques and cook them down for a niche client base.

High Touch – We don’t take on every client. We invest a lot into each engagement, and we find that a small, agile, lightweight team creates better communication, accountability, and results. We are in your corner.

The A Team – Our owner serves as your account manager and accountability partner. No more teaching your agency how to market for you; we share our playbook with you, customized to your brand.

Committed – We have high passion for helping FBH brands grow, and we delight in making advanced technology concepts and tactics approachable, comprehensible, and most importantly, profitable.

Present – From our pre-sales process, discovery, action planning, weekly status, and month end calls, we are here and with you every step of the way, transparent, active, and working to crush it for you.

Innovative – We’ll suggest and implement industry standard services for your benefit, and we’ll also go the extra mile.  When new ideas come your way, we’ll help adhere them to the standards that will keep all our efforts moving in the right direction.

Our overall goal will be to create and promote an online presence that will ensure a steady stream of new customers while maximizing revenue from repeat visitors.