Vertivine is a Digital Marketing Firm that specializes in restaurant and small to mid-size businesses. We offer Website Hosting and Design, SEO, Social Media, Content Creation, Email, and SMS Marketing.

We work to create wealth for our client’s by getting them noticed online, through keyword optimization, competitive analysis, strategic content creation, and conversion optimization.

Vertivine’s mission:

  • Create Wealth for Clients through Digital Marketing – Web Design, Mobile Sites, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media are able to generate more revenue for more businesses than ever before. We are committed to the idea that our clients make more money than they spend on Vertivine.  We are determined to grow businesses and strengthen our economy, in turn. 
  • Create Wealth for the Team through Superior Service – Service affects everything we do. In the process of making our clients wealthier, we can also achieve a level of fulfillment when what we do contributes to our own wealth.  There’s no better path to making a dollar than to help a Client make two dollars.
  • Ideal Work Environment – We’re committed to providing a great environment for our team. We don’t require that our employees punch a clock or sit at a desk for eight hours straight.  Our employees work in the environment they enjoy, whether it is at home or our co-working space, Modworks.  As long as the team is meeting deadlines and creating outcomes for Clients, the mission can continue.
  • Give Back – We are very fortunate to know what we know and to be able to give what we can give.  We’re committed to giving a portion of what we make to those less fortunate. It’s important for our team and clients to know that their work and dollars help the community. We are excited to have teamed up with Share Our Strength