Share Our Strength

Share Our Strength

We are very excited to announce that starting in November, Vertivine will be giving 1% of tshare our strengthotal monthly earnings to Share Our Strength. The organization’s No Kid Hungry initiative is working to end childhood hunger and malnutrition in America.

The fourth item on Vertivine’s Mission Statement is “Give Back,” and while we are still a small company, we wanted to start our Giving Plan early. Share Our Strength could not be a better fit for Vertivine, as many of our clients are restaurants, meaning a portion of the earnings from those who can afford to go out and eat is going to those who can’t afford to buy nutritious food for their families.

Share Our Strength connects kids to effective nutrition programs, educates and empowers low-income families to stretch their food budgets so kids get healthy meals at home. The organization works to shed light on the issue of childhood hunger in America. By supporting their Colorado Operating Expenses, we are one step closer to seeing fewer children coming to school without breakfast or worrying about what they will eat when school is out for summer. Share Our Strength is breaking down the barriers that keep kids from healthy food.

Vertivine couldn’t be more excited to help aid such an amazing cause, that is so dear to our hearts.

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