What in the World is Local SEO?

seo1Local SEO is the way marketing companies get local businesses noticed by potential customers in their own region.  While it would be nice, it would do little good for the small, family owned bagel shop on the corner in South Denver to be found by a ton of people in New York.


The question becomes: When people here in South Denver want a bagel, what do they search for online?  The answer to that question, or that type of question for a different type of client, is what internet marketing companies use to get their clients noticed in their area.


In a sense, internet marketing companies use Local SEO to tell people about an offering in their neighborhood before those people even thought to ask.  This gives small, lesser known establishments the chance to compete with their bigger chain counterparts, and other smaller businesses around them.

Local SEO is a marketing strategy that many DIY’ers do not use, or even understand.  This is why it is very important for a small business to consult one of these companies to take advantage of the team of experts that internet marketing firms have to offer.  By using one of these companies, profit potential for clients goes up exponentially.

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