Optimize Your Website’s Contact Information

Don’t make your customers look for how to reach you.

In the world of restaurant SEO, there are certain golden rules. Among these rules is making sure the people who visit your website know how to get in touch with you. Here are some essentials in providing contact information:

Provide your phone number.

In a world where the smart phone is not so much a phone but an all-in-one, do it yourself, look it up and go get it personal device, it’s easy to forget that sometimes people just want to reach out and say hello! Yes, some people still use their phones as actual phones, and they might want to call you to see about wait times, verify directions, or just make sure you’re there. Make it easy for your customers to make the call that could turn into you making them dinner.

Provide your address – and make sure it is optimized.

Along with your phone number, make sure your address is on your website, and that it’s easy to see at a glance. On top of this, be sure to register your restaurant with Google Places so that your address will pop up on their map. As a matter of fact, the map itself, if not a link to it, should be on your website as well.

Make your contact information available on every page.

This is especially important if you have a mobile site. No one wants to play around on their mobile device trying to expand or minimize web pages to figure out where your restaurant is. However, this rule is not only for mobile sites. Nobody wants to go hunting for your contact information – remember that there is no standard concerning its placement. Some website designers put their Contact Us page under the “About Us” tab, some hide it below the fold, and others stick it in other places it really doesn’t belong. Make sure your contact info is easily accessible on every page, and you will be well on your way to good restaurant SEO.

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