SEO Experts and their Connection to the Panda

How Google’s Panda affects SEO.

SEO experts work hard at staying abreast of the programs that search engines use to rank websites. The latest and greatest from Google, the search results algorithm called Panda, rolled out in February of 2011. It was designed to get “high quality” sites back to the top of the search results lists.

Panda is actually very clever. It was developed by using human quality testers who rated thousands of websites for certain quality measures such as design, trustworthiness, subject relevance, and speed. Panda was then “taught” to look for similarities between the websites that were deemed to be of high quality.

So what does this mean for SEO?

Fortunately, we don’t have to delve into a lot of techno-speak to get the answer.  SEO experts already know that proper research and use of keywords is essential for good optimization. Of course, what they do with those keywords and the information they lead to is just as important. Original and high quality content is where it’s at, and keeping websites at high quality levels will keep Panda happy.

Conversely, low quality websites with thin content will get ignored and suffer the fate of Panda’s wrath. Excessive ads or other types of spam is the obvious example, but trying to get by with copied content and short, poorly written pieces of text is also a no-no.

Why is it important to mention Panda now?

It is important to mention this now because it has been rumored that Google has just updated Panda again. This may result in a bit of a shake-up, as previously punished but repaired sites might move up the ladder again. Sites owned by those who have gotten lazy might not fare so well, though.

In a way, it might be business as usual as long as your SEO is being done properly. But the bottom line for both you and your business relies on your SEO experts knowing all about their connection with the Panda.

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